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Relax & Make Your Next House Move Stress Free

Stress-free removals Australian RemovalistsYOUR Removalist of Batemans Bay know all about how moving house can be one of the most stressful times in life. When you move with YOUR Removalist you can relax and let the professional team get it done for you on time and hassle free.

Follow these great moving day tips, written by Sylvia…having moved so many times she has developed an art to stress-free moving…

Sylvia’s Helpful Hints For Moving House (To be taken with a dash of humour)

Being a veteran mover locally, interstate and overseas I have learned a few tricks of the trade that might help you make your move easier and less stressful. Here are some of the more important ones:

What to do with Drawers
We all keep an amazing assortment of interesting items in our drawers besides clothes! Come moving time a large amount of our packing can involve those contents when it does not have to be this way. Basically you can leave your drawers untouched unless they contain fragile or heavy items. Any clothing or lightweight items can remain exactly where they are making settling into your new home a little easier.

Of course – if you want to use the occasion of moving house to spring clean your drawers, disregard all of the above.

Packing Your Clothes and Linen
Hanging clothes are easily transferred into a wonderful invention called a Port-a-Robe. Basically it is a tall cardboard box with a hanging rail on which all your clothes can be hung for the duration of the move. You can then instantly hang them into your new robe upon arrival. Even less packing and un-packing!

Clothing such as jumpers and t-shirts as well as linen and towels makes good padding for your fragile items! Just remember to leave out what you initially require for the first week or so, looking for a warm jumper in 30 packing boxes can prove to be quite an operation. Remaining clothing and linen is easily packed in tough, black garbage bags, not boxes.

The same applies to your bedding; you can mark the bags with a waterproof white marker, which should make it much easier to find what you need on the first night.

Packing Boxes
These are a science of their own. There are a variety of sizes available, the most common being Book boxes and Standard boxes (about the size of the old fashioned tea chest). It helps your removalist if you use the right size as well as limit yourself to 2 or 3 sizes.

All packing boxes need to be taped shut top and bottom and labelled where they are to be placed when they arrive at your new home. This should be done in clear writing on top of the box (or ask your removalist firm for labels). Never just fold the bottoms of cartons; it is not a good feeling lifting a carton just to find its contents have emptied over your feet. (Trust me on this one)·

I have found it helpful to write a rough inventory on the side of the boxes so that I can find my electric frypan, toaster and kettle without having to tear into all my boxes straight away.

Numbering your boxes is a good idea, that way you know instantly if all your boxes made it safely to your destination. This is more for your personal peace of mind than anything else.

Ensure that all boxes are packed to the top with no room left for the items to move. Alternate heavy or fragile items with layers of soft packing making the top and bottom layers a soft padding. Make sure the boxes containing fragile items are clearly labelled FRAGILE, and stack them towards the top of your piles.

Larger paintings may require special packing if you feel something that is beyond your ability, let your removalist firm know. YOUR Removalist have picture boxes available in a variety of sizes but you might find it easier to let us pack those.

Paper and Tape for Packing Boxes
Believe it or not, these are important too. First of all let’s talk about paper. I am sure you have all packed china in newspaper only to find your plates and cups covered in smudges. It is a personal dislike; I really don’t feel like washing all my crockery, cutlery and glassware after just having moved. The solution is Butcher’s Paper. You will never have ink stained hands again after packing! Another tip is to stack all your china on its ends or edges, makes for safer transportation.

Tape has to be packing tape of good quality and I have invested in a Tape Dispenser, not an expensive item but a real lifesaver when it comes to taping those boxes shut.

Moving House With Pot Plants
I admit it – pot plants are every removalists nightmare. A few are fine – a lot can cause headaches. Many don’t like being locked in the back of a truck for an extended time without light or water. Watering plants during the trip is not an option and this can mean certain death for some of your beloved plants. Pot plants also take up a large amount of floor space and of course you can’t sit anything on top of them.

Often the solution is that we take some (usually the larger ones) you take some and perhaps part with some at your moving house Garage Sale.

Hoses, Garden Tools and Other Odds and Ends
Tie garden tools in manageable bundles using either strong tape or rope. Drain your garden hoses thoroughly and tape them in a roll; you don’t want water to spill on your furniture during transportation.

Drain all fuel out of lawn mowers etc. If you have bikes, cover the chains to avoid grease rubbing onto your other items. Dismantle playground equipment such as swing sets and place all nuts and bolts into a bag, taping it securely to one of the bars.

Drain washing machine hoses and ensure you have the steel rods for Front Loading Washing machines. Not securing their drum can result in serious damage. Clean Barbeques and secure tops using tape; remove gas bottles.

Moving With Pets
I refer to cats and dogs here since they are the only ones I have moved house with. All you pet lovers know that moving is just as stressful on pets as it is on us humans. I found that a true long distance move can be a real headache when it comes to pets.

The solution can often be a professional pet transport service that will transport your animal to the new location and board it there until you are settled in. I know the temptation to instantly collect your pet is great but consider leaving them at the boarding facility for an extra couple of days and visiting them daily. This gives you the chance to set everything up so that your pet may make itself right at home. Sending your pet ahead a day or two before your move is usually the best option.

If you are moving locally, consider a local boarding facility, you can still visit daily for your cuddle time. (Sometimes I am sure we miss them much more than they miss us!)

Moving With Children
It would take forever to list all the ways how to move best with children. What you do depends on their age and personality, some see it as an exciting adventure, and others are reluctant to leave.

If you are moving long distance it would be an idea to prepare and involve your children at an early stage. Pointing out all the positives and playing a game of getting your children to find those can be one way to help them look forward to the move, as is getting them involved in planning their new rooms. Allowing the children to pack their own personal items might help as well, just make sure that the contents are listed on the outside of the box to avoid tears on your first night in your new home!

Out of the ordinary treats can be a good idea. Other than that – nerves of steel are a great advantage when moving your family!

Moving means stress, no doubt about it. Have you considered spending your last night with family, friends or in a motel? This enables you to be completely ready the day before your move and you won’t find yourself up and out of bed at 4 am convinced you have forgotten to do something followed by packing all your last minute things. Consider the option of being prepared the day before; it’s well worth it! Treat yourself to a special dinner, try and pamper yourself a little, make this an exciting rather than upsetting experience.

Most of all make sure you have chosen a removalist firm you feel comfortable with. Price isn’t everything when moving and often you will find that removalists quotes are very similar. Choosing a removals company you feel you can communicate well with offering you a personal and caring service is very important.

Make sure you contact your chosen removalist company at any time when you are uncertain about anything relating to your move. The professionals involved in your move can often easily solve what might be of concern to you. After all – we are here to help you in any way possible.

Happy Moving!